Sponsors Track

Sponsors Track Chair:

  • Sébastien Desbenoit (SEB, France)

Sponsors Track Schedule

Thursday 26th April 1:40pm to 3:00pm
Baidu ResearchNAVERBigBoosterOne Trust
Miao Fan, Big Data LabSang-bum Kim Director of Search Quality, NaverStartups of BigBoosterThomas Boudon
Baidu’s AI TechnologyNaver: Web Search Portal to AI Platform CompanyStartup PitchOperationalise GDPR and Privacy by Design: What to Automate in Your Privacy Program
For many years, Baidu‘s AI technology has supported and even given birth to many featured products, such as the Baidu search engine, Baidu Feeds, the Duer Operating System, Apollo and so on. How could Baidu’s AI have the strong power to support so many key products? It’s due to the well-defined layout of AI in BAIDU. We warmly welcome you all joining BAIDU. In this company, we all engage in using technologies to change the World!Abstract to comeSpeaker: Fabrice Cohen
Company : woonoz
Title : Neurosciences and AI in digital learning : we have already reached Mars.
To operationalise GDPR, companies will need to build the principles of privacy by design into all of their business processes. In this session, learn about the different parts of a privacy programme from PIA/DPIAs, data mapping, consent management, and cookie compliance to subject rights requests and vendor risk management. Discover how your organization can streamline privacy management through software automation, and where humans are absolutely essential.
Speaker: Mik Bry
Company: CWB (Opla)
Title: Create open and agnostic conversational robots with
Speaker: Aymeric Aitamer
Title: Bring your web applications to the cloud in one click and empower your IT Team.