Detailed Schedule

Monday April 23rd

TimeContent / Speakers
9:00am-9:05amOpening Evgeniy Gabrilovich, Kira Radinsky, Kuansan Wang (BIG Web co-chairs)
9:05am-9:50amKeynote 1 Alessandro Vespignani (Northeastern)
9:50am-10:20amInvited talk 1 Jimeng Sun (GA Tech)
11:00am-11:30amInvited talk 5 Misha Bilenko (Yandex)
11:30am-12:10pmContributed papers – 2 papers @ 20 min each
  • Fine-grained Video Attractiveness Prediction Using Multimodal Deep Learning on a Large Real-world Dataset
  • Urban Perception of Commercial Activeness from Satellite Images and Streetscapes
1:40pm-2:10pmInvited talk 2 Julie Love (Microsoft)
2:10pm-2:40pmInvited talk 3 JP Vasseur (Cisco)
2:40pm-3:10pmInvited talk 4 Luna Dong (Amazon)
3:40pm-4:40pmPanel: Machine learning in the medicine program
  • Elad Yom-Tov (Microsoft)
  • Shai Shen-Orr (Technion)
  • Deborah Estrin (Cornell Tech)
  • Alessandro Vespignani (Northeastern)
  • Jimeng Sun (GA Tech)
Moderator: Kira Radinsky
5:00pm-7:00pmBIG Reception

Tuesday April 24th

TimeContent / Speakers
9:00am-9:45amKeynote 2 Jon Kleinberg (Cornell)
9:45am-10:15amInvited talk 6 Jean-Claude Burgelman (European Commission)
11:00am-12:20pmContributed papers – 4 papers @ 20 min each
  • Positivity Bias in Customer Satisfaction Ratings
  • Anomaly Detection with Partially Observed Anomalies
  • Automated Extractions for Machine Generated Mail
  • Post Purchase Search Engine Marketing
1:40pm-2:10pmInvited talk 7 Maarten de Rijke (U Amsterdam)
2:10pm-2:40pmInvited talk 8 Juliana Friere (NYU)
2:40pm-3:10pmInvited talk 9 Antoine Bordes (Facebook)
3:40pm-4:10pmInvited talk 10 Vanja Josifovski (Pinterest)
4:10pm-4:40pmInvited talk 11 Xuedong Huang (Microsoft)