The Web Conference and WebCome Lyon (The Web Conference – OFF) co-organize a Hackateen On Saturday April 28th.

Hackateen, what is this?

The Hackateen is a hackathon, with teams mixing boys and girls from university and high school.

The topic of the hackateen?

Surprise! It will be shown on April 15. Some clues : there will be some Web technology, there will be Artificial Intelligence, and the challenge will be to propose a contribution useful for the society.

How will it happen?

During a full day, teams will think of a problem, design a solution… and develop it! To do so, some experts will support the teams. Team members will create web pages, use open source artificial intelligence tools, and glue elements together.

Great ! How can I join?

Easy : participation if free, you only have to subscribe. Be aware that the number of places is limited… subscribe rapidly!

Where and when?

Université de Lyon, 92 rue Pasteur, 69007 Lyon
On April 28th 2018, from 9AM to 6PM

Any questions?

You require more information? Do not hesitate to email to hackathonchairs (at) www2018.thewebconf.org