Track description
Developers’ track

A lot of great publications are accompanied by great implementations that sometimes risk going almost unnoticed in favor of the more glamorous research results they helped produce. Likewise—the Web being a moving and ever-developing target—a lot of sometimes tedious and oftentimes less obvious work happens on standardization of future Web APIs and programming languages.

The Developers’ Track aims to put this implementation and standardization work front and center. It will highlight research submissions that describe technically challenging Web applications of all sorts, including (but by no means limited to) bleeding edge technologies like WebAssembly, Service Workers, or WebVR; multimedia-related topics like WebRTC, Web MIDI, Web Bluetooth, WebUSB, or Encrypted Media Extensions; and advanced Web features like Payment Request, Credential Management, or Web Share.

Apart from classic papers (that we do understand are a fixed requirement for some people in order be allowed to the conference), the Developers’ Track is not limited to formats that can be printed, but authors are encouraged to be creative in finding the most effective way to communicate their work, and we will discuss dynamic or interactive contributions.