ConferenceProgram for Monday April 23th

11th International Workshop on Linked Data on the Web9:00am-5:00pm🅱 Bellecour 2
8th Temporal Web Analytics Workshop9:00am-5:00pm🆃 St Clair 3A
A Critical Review of Social Data: Biases, Methodological Pitfalls, and Ethical…9:00am-12:20pm🆃 Auditorium Pasteur
AW4City 2018 Enhancing Citizen Centricity with Web Applications1:40pm-5:00pm🆃 Rhône 1
Building AI Applications using Knowledge Graphs9:00am-12:20pm🅱 Prestige Gratte-Ciel
Complex Recommendations9:00am-12:20pm🅱 Salon Tête d’Or
Computational fact-checking: problems, state of the art, and perspectives1:40pm-5:00pm🆃 Auditorium Pasteur
Deep Learning for Matching in Search and Recommendation1:40pm-5:00pm🅱 Prestige Gratte-Ciel
Digital-Health 2018 – PhD Track9:00am-5:00pm🆃 Rhône 4
Exploitation of Social Media for Emergency Relief and Preparedness9:00am-5:00pm🆃 St Clair 1
Extreme Multilabel Classification for Social Media9:00am-5:00pm🅱 Tête d’Or 2
First International Workshop on Hybrid Question Answering with Structured and…9:00am-5:00pm🅱 Gratte-Ciel 3
Graph-based Text Representations: Boosting Text Mining, NLP and Information…1:40pm-5:00pm🅱 Salon Tête d’Or
Large Scale Distributed Data Science from scratch using Apache Spark 2.29:00am-5:00pm🆃 Rhône 3B
Mining Attributed Networks Workshop9:00am-5:00pm🅱 Bellecour 1
Ninth International Workshop on Web APIs and Service Architecture9:00am-5:00pm🆃 St Clair 3B
ORSUM: Workshop on Online Recommender Systems and User Modeling9:00am-5:00pm🅱 Gratte-Ciel 2
Polarization on Social Media1:40pm-5:00pm🆃 Rhône 2
Social Media Analysis for Situation Awareness during Crises9:00am-12:20pm🅱 Tête d’Or 1
Social Sensing and Enterprise Intelligence : Towards a Smart Enterprise…9:00am-12:20pm🆃 Rhône 1
The BIG Web I9:00am-10:20am🆃 Rhône 3A
The BIG Web II11:00am-12:20pm🆃 Rhône 3A
The BIG Web III1:40pm-3:00pm🆃 Rhône 3A
The BIG Web IV3:40pm-5:00pm🆃 Rhône 3A
The Sixth International Workshop on Natural Language Processing for Social Media9:00am-5:00pm🅱 Gratte-Ciel 1
The Third Edition of Educational Knowledge Management Workshop1:40pm-5:00pm🆃 Salon Roseraie 2
W3C – Tutorials I9:00am-5:00pm🅱 Bellecour 3
Web-scale, Schema-Agnostic, End-to-End Entity Resolution1:40pm-5:00pm🆃 St Clair 4