Lyon, France
23 - 27 April 2018

Keynote speakers

Mounia Lalmas

Luciano Floridi

Luciano Floridi is Professor of Philosophy and Ethics of Information at the University of Oxford, where he directs the Digital Ethics Lab (DELab) of the Oxford Internet Institute. He is also Faculty Fellow of the Alan Turing Institute and Chair of its Data Ethics research Group, and Chairman of the Ethics Advisory Board of the European Medical Information Framework. He seats on the EU’s Ethics Advisory Group on Ethical Dimensions of Data Protection, on the Royal Society and British Academy Working Group on Data Governance, and on Google Advisory Board on “the right to be forgotten”. His areas of expertise include the philosophy of information, digital ethics, and the philosophy of technology. Among his recent books, all published by Oxford University Press: The Fourth Revolution – How the infosphere is reshaping human reality (2014), The Ethics of Information (2013), The Philosophy of Information (2011).

Title :
The good web – some challenges and strategies to realise it

Abstract :

The web is polluted. Not very much. And certainly neither inevitably nor irreversibly. But enough to raise concerns. Disinformation (including fake news), intolerance, and extremisms of all sorts exploit some of the most cherished features of the web (accessibility, availability, openness, ease of communication, freedom of speech) to undermine its value and damage the foundations of the liberal societies that have created it.
In this talk, I will analyse the more conceptual nature of the some of the challenges in question, and look at the potential strategies that may be adopted to cope with them successfully.

Photo : courtesy of Ian Scott – 2016