All you wanted to knowabout the Conferencebut were afraid to ask

  • Do I need a visa to attend the Conference in France ?
    Visit our page About French Visa.
    If you need a letter of invitation to the conference, please send your request by email to www2018 (at) insight-outside. fr
  • How can I come to Lyon ?
    Visit our page Coming to Lyon.
    Due to a social conflict concerning rail transport in France, there is a risk of a strike in the coming weeks. To avoid potential problems, we advise you to plan an arrival to Lyon by plane.
  • Is it possible to get more information about this strike ?
    Visit our page Strike information.
    We will keep it up to date if there are changes in the conditions of this strike.
  • Can I get financial support for my conference attendance ?
    We are very sorry to say that unfortunately we don’t have financial support available.
  • I have an accepted paper at the Conference. How can it be presented ?
    The policy of the conference series requires that any paper accepted must be presented by at least one of its authors who is registered and physically attending the conference for at least three days. Remote presentations are not allowed.
    Failure to comply with this rule will result in the paper concerned being removed from the proceedings.
  • I have an accepted paper at the Conference. Is it possible to have it presented by an author of another paper ?
    No, the policy requires that each paper must be presented by one of its own authors.
  • I have several accepted papers at the Conference. Can I present them with a single registration ?
    Yes, as long as the three-day rule is respected there is no problem.
  • Before planning my travel, I would like to know when the different papers will be presented ?
    The agenda of the week is available on the Detailed Week Schedule page.
    For the Research Tracks, the distribution of papers in the different sessions is presented in the Research Sessions Details page. Regarding the other tracks, detailed information will be published as soon as possible.
    These schedules could be modified if absolutely necessary, but we will do our best to avoid this.