Security and Privacy

on the Web

We invite research contributions for the Security and Privacy on the Web Track at the 27th edition of The Web Conference (WWW2018), to be held April 23-27, 2018 in Lyon, France (

This track provides researchers working on all aspects of security and privacy on the web with the opportunity to publish and present their original contributions to a broad community of researchers and practitioners with a multitude of backgrounds and interests. As part of the WWW community, the Security & Privacy track is a premier forum for web security research, presenting the latest developments and bringing together researchers and practitioners. We solicit previously unpublished papers offering novel research contributions in any aspect of security or privacy that have a web focus. Papers may present advances in the theory, design, implementation, analysis, verification, or empirical evaluation and measurement of secure web systems. Papers that shed new light on past results by means of sound theory or thorough experimentation are also welcome.

Relevant topics include:

  • Applications of cryptography to the web
  • Authentication and authorization for Web-based services
  • Browser security
  • Combating cyber-crime: anti-phishing, anti-spam, anti-fraud techniques
  • Fingerprinting
  • Human and usability factors in web security & privacy
  • Legal, ethical, and policy issues of web security and privacy
  • Measurement studies of online crime, fraud, and underground economies
  • Measurement studies of web security & privacy issues
  • Measurement, analysis, and circumvention of web censorship
  • Privacy-enhancing technologies for the web
  • Security and privacy for intelligent assistants
  • Security and privacy in the mobile web
  • Security and privacy in web services (e.g., blogs, wikis, feeds)
  • Security and privacy of web protocols
  • Security in web-based electronic commerce and cryptocurrencies
  • Social network security and privacy
  • Tracking and profiling
  • Web anonymity

Track chairs:

  • Emiliano De Cristofaro (University College London, United Kingdom)
  • Vitaly Shmatikov (Cornell Tech, United States)

Contact: www2018-security (at)

Program Committee:

  • Davide Balzarotti (Eurecom, France)
  • Shehar Bano (University College London, United Kingdom)
  • Jeremy Blackburn (University of Alabama at Birmingham, United States)
  • Yinzhi Cao (Lehigh University, United States)
  • Haibo Chen (Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China)
  • Marco Cova (Lastline, United Kingdom)
  • Anupam Das (Carnegie Mellon University, United States)
  • Yves-Alexandre de Montjoye (Imperial College London’, United Kingdom)
  • Antoine Delignat-Lavaud (INRIA, France)
  • Zakir Durumeric (Stanford University, United States)
  • Neil Gong (Iowa State University, United States)
  • Shuang Hao (The University of Texas at Dallas, United States)
  • Amir Herzberg (Dept. of Computer Science Bar Ilan University, Israel)
  • Luca Invernizzi (Google, United States)
  • Dali Kaafar (CSIRO, Australia)
  • Brent Kang (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea)
  • Alexandros Kapravelos (North Carolina State University, United States)
  • Yongdae Kim (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea)
  • Kirill Levchenko (University of California San Diego, United States)
  • Zhiqiang Lin (The University of Texas at Dallas, United States)
  • Ben Livshits (Imperial College London, United Kingdom)
  • Matteo Maffei (Vienna University of Technology, Austria)
  • Sergio Maffeis (Imperial College London, United Kingdom)
  • Clementine Maurice (CNRS IRISA, France)
  • Michelle L. Mazurek (University of Maryland, United States)
  • Nick Nikiforakis (Stony Brook University, United States)
  • Ioannis Papagiannis (Facebook, United Kingdom)
  • Roberto Perdisci (University of Georgia, United States)
  • Jason Polakis (University of Illinois at Chicago, United States)
  • Andrei Sabelfeld (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden)
  • Nitesh Saxena (University of Alabama at Birmingham, United States)
  • Claudio Soriente (NEC Laboratories Europe, Spain)
  • Ben Stock (Saarland University, Germany)
  • Gianluca Stringhini (University College London, United Kingdom)
  • Kurt Thomas (Google, United States)
  • Michael Carl Tschantz (University of California Berkeley, United States)
  • Blase Ur (University of Chicago, United States)
  • Venkat Venkatakrishnan (University of Illinois at Chicago, United States)
  • Christo Wilson (Northeastern University, United States)
  • Dongyan Xu (Purdue University, United States)

Important dates:

  • Research tracks abstracts submission deadline : 26 October 2017
  • Research tracks full papers submission deadline : 31 October 2017
  • Research tracks acceptance notification : 22 December 2017
  • Research tracks papers final version due : 18 February 2018

All submission deadlines are at 9:00pm HAST.

See copyright note on main CFP page