The Hackathon/Hackateen this year is open to all, and will accept competitors as teams from 2 to 8 persons. It consists in writing a Web game or a demo, the theme is “our planet”. The game/demo can be very basic, it can be a strategy, an action or a quiz-based game, single or multi player, or even zero player if it’s a demo. It can use abstract graphics or sprites (animated series of images), hi-res graphics or adopt a pixelated retro gaming look, such as old space invader like game, or the game/demo can be text based. It can use smooth animation techniques and an HTML5 canvas or just rely on DOM/CSS.

The challenge here consists in not using any external game framework: just plain JavaScript and basic APIs included in your browser to code the core of your game. External CSS/JS/WebComponents libs are allowed, but do not use a full game framework.

Hackathon/Hackateen Chairs:

  • Vincent Achille (Inwicast, France)
  • Michel Buffa (Univ. Nice, France)
  • Amélie Cordier (Hoomano, France)

Contacts: hackathonchairs (at)

Important dates (provisional):

  • Hackathon/Hackateen registrations open : 10 October 2017
  • Hackathon/Hackateen registrations close : 01 January 2018
  • Hackathon/Hackateen submission deadline : 01 April 2018

All submission deadlines are at 9:00pm HAST.

The copyright note on main CFP page doesn’t apply to this track.